miercuri, 16 noiembrie 2016

Darker disorder

Lavinia Parvu- Dark or fit?

You are judging me about my gaps
But you like seeing me doing rough abs
So I'm asking you sincerely,
What is more important for you, to be hot or to be silly?

You managed to ruin my favourite song
And you still have the impression that our life together will be long
But you forget that I am the type of girl that can be so hurt
But still look at you and smile like a masterpiece of art

My demons are back and stronger than ever
Looking for a fight, they think that they are clever
Looking to win and to have me entirely
I might let them possess me, finally

Again, you are judging me that I give orders
And that I am loosing the way in my darker disorder
I can tell you I am not bossy, but in most of the areas
I just have better ideas

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