joi, 26 ianuarie 2017

Orgies of pain

Lavinia Parvu- When love hurts, tears are forgotten

   - "I am sorry I cannot even make you understand what is happening inside of my head. I cannot make myself understand either."
   This was the start and the end of their discussion. A discussion which started naively from the very first beginning. From the time they first met and shaked gently their hands. A time when she opened to himself like a rich shell full with pearls. When she let herself read by him as if she was a cheap book and rejected by every reader. 
   But none of them had the guts to start at that time this postponed discussion, because they were busy taking care of their bodies and hearts. He was hungry for her look and mind. She was desperate for the heat given by his body.
   - "I don't know what to say", he replied scared but in the same time awared that he is sharing silently the same thoughts.
   - "It's okay", she barely replied. "I know what we are, and I know what we are not."
   He was impressed for her courage to end up this vicious circle. He loved her for her courage to swallow all the dirt and mud and still smile. Still showing nobody what is inside her broken heart. Only he knew everything about her. And he felt the need to protect her from herself from the very beginning. Because he knew what kind of deep suffering she can cause to herself.
   - "I miss you when I can sleep. Or right after coffee. Or right when I can't eat. It's too much wish and too less physical presence. That is the biggest reason why I cannot continue anymore", and a river of tears began to flow on her face.
   She is sick of bury her feelings all the time with red wine and toxic cigarettes. She wants normal relationship and strong legs to carry her heavy body full of thoughts. 
   He is in a continuous worried wood, especially because he was expecting something else in his life, something simple. But she happened in a miraculous way and ruined his all wishes about life and what love is really about. Beeing in this mood, he continued with his share of feelings:
   - "From the time I've met you, I live for your drunk texts. I want to know that when you're surrounded by pretty girls and your best friends, you can still feel my absence. You are still loving me then. I don't want you to forget me. I don't want to forget what happened between us. Because our memories together are the most valuable things for me."
   - "I will never forget. I will keep forever in my heart the memory of us, remebering the way we used to look at each other. The memory of your eyes. Those damn eyes which made me completely free."
   And with this ended something which never started. 
   By the time she was preparing to move away, she whispered gently:
   - "You will become a story that I could not tell anyone."

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  1. Ma plictiseam intr-un meeting si ti-am vazut postarea pe facebook...
    Imi place tare dspre tine, draga Lavi! Interesting thing, this mind of yours...creaza chestii faine :)

  2. Ma bucur ca ti-am facut meeting-ul mai "interesant" :-)